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Businesses Required
Contact : Des 082 968 2075
Well run Micro Lending businesses.
Yachting / Marine. For serious investor. Part or full ownership.
Art Gallery in Cape Town 
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Consultants needed
The sudden and unexpected passing away of Richard Jones in April this year, plus our desire to have consultants concentrating on areas such as the Northern and Southern suburbs and the Atlantic Seaboard means we are seeking self-motivated consultants to join us on a full-time basis. Remuneration would, depending on the circumstances of the individual, be either commission only or a retainer plus commission.
Please send a brief resume to:
Welcome to Cape Business Bureau
South Africa is currently one of the world’s most exciting places for investment, business opportunities and a relaxed lifestyle. Buying or selling a business is more often than not, one of the biggest investment decisions an individual will make. Cape Business Bureau will assist you with: 
  • Selling your business or  
  • Buying a suitable business

Our lists of Businesses for Sale are current (2014) and are updated on a regular basis.   

Cape Business Bureau offers a wealth of experience and professionalism, invaluable in our endeavors to provide potential buyers and sellers with the best advice possible. We acknowledge the sensitivity that is involved in business transactions. 
Confidentiality is paramount. Our reputation for polite, diplomatic and yet firm business dealings with sellers and buyers alike is fundamental to Cape Business Bureau’s service.The fact that we receive frequent repeat business and ongoing referrals is further proof that we provide an efficient and satisfying service to our clients. 
All buyers need to submit the NDA form on the left of this page. Thereafter available information can be supplied.


Car Wash - City Centre
The b...
R 97 500
Franchise Family Restaurants...
Two top brand family restaurants sold as a packa...
R 2 350 000
Coffee Shop - N/subs
In up market shopping centre - loyal customer ba...
R 3 500 000
Retail Spares & Repairs ...
This business also does floor care products. Est...
R 285 000
Fitment Centre - Boland
Specialises in shocks and suspension. Present ow...
R 500 000
Restaurant - Atlantic Seaboa...
Housed i...
R 850 000
Office and Functions Facilit...
Prime po...
R 750 000
Pub & slots - N/subs
Neat & Cosy ladies bar situated within a hot...
R 1 150 000
Mobile Unit - W/subs
This large 250m² unit has been used for tak...
R 250 000
Laundry - W/subs
This new activity is only starting to grow to be...
R 250 000